Lesser unknown facts about Warren Buffet: Net worth, lifestyle etc.

Everyone is well aware with the facts that Warren Buffet has started his investment journey when was just 11 years old

On 30th August, he turned 92

He is the on number 5 position by Forbes world's richest person.

Warren Buffet Networth is more than 100 Billion Dollar

Under the ownership of his firm Berkshire Hathaway, he owns dozens of other  firms.

At the only age of 13, he filed his first Income Tax Return.

His Application from Harvard Business School has been rejected several times and he completed his Master's in Economics from Columbia University.

He starts his morning breakfast with his fond of Mcdonalds

he brought the Coca-Cola share at just $3.25 in 1988 and now generates most of his income from its Dividends.

Mr Buffett  lives in the same Omaha house since  1958 he originally purchased at a price of $31,500.

Also working in the same office from last 5 decades, since 1960s.

Pic Credit : Investopedia

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