Multibagger Stock: TATA Grp Multibagger Stock, Hits Lifetime high

Tata Group investor are very lucky and confident with their holdings from so longterm.

The stock has been on an upward trend, frequently reaching a lifetime high.

This multibagger stock has increased from 102 to 337.20 levels, offering positional investors a return of 225%.

Since the beginning of 2022, this multibagger Tata stock has been increasing.

This hospitality stock has reached a record high six times in a row.I hope you have already guessed the name of this stock.

One of the multibagger stocks in the Tata group of enterprises is the stock of Indian Hotels.

In early morning trading on the NSE, the share price of Indian Hotels today opened higher and reached a new all-time high of 337.20 per share.

Indian Hotels' share price has increased so far this year (YTD) from about 184 to 337.20 per Share, representing an increase of 80% in 2022

The stock is facing minor hurdle at ₹337 and once it breaches this levels it may give strong upside moves in short term."

As per securities, Indian Hotel stock may go up to ₹350 to rs 360 apiece elvels once it breaches the immediate hurdle placed at ₹335 to ₹340 levels.