'The Woman King' Release Date, Star Cast and Movie Plot

The Woman King had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it will soon be available in theatres in the United States.

The historical story of female warriors in "The Woman King" serves as the foundation for an action spectacle.

The Woman King is a treat for moviegoers in the US and Canada who have been eager to see it. On September 16, The Woman King will be released in theatres.

Unfortunately, The Woman King won't be available in theatres in the UK until Friday, October 7.

The next generation of female soldiers, known as the Agojie, is heavily trained by Davis's character, General Nanisca.

The narrative of this all-female combat group is told in the new film The Woman King, which stars Viola Davis as a fictionalised leader of the Agojie.

The narrative, which takes place in the 1820s, draws inspiration from the actual Dahomey Kingdom in West Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries.

A true all-female warrior group, the Agojie guarded Dahomey from invading colonists and other foes who posed a threat to their way of life.

Although the film's general themes are historically true, most of its characters—including Davis' Nanisca and Thuso Mbedu's Nawi, a young warrior-in-training—are made up.