Yahoo’s bad-luck or misfortune ???? What you say

I have just entered in this blog room and thinking of the best topic to publish and ongoing through my LinkedIn profile the only post I am going through when I scroll down my mouse key is “Yahoo Verizon Sale”.Just wants to know readers view………..
Just over a year ago we acquired AOL to boost our strategy of providing a cross-screen connection for consumers, creators and advertisers. The acquisition of Yahoo will put Verizon in a very highly competitive position as a top global mobile media company, and help accelerate our revenue stream in digital advertising.”
Lowell McAdam, Verizon Chairman and CEO
“Yahoo may be a company that has changed the globe, and can still do so through this mixture with Verizon and AOL. The sale of our operating business, which effectively separates our Asian asset equity stakes, is a vital step in our arrange to unlock shareholder value for Yahoo. This transaction also sets up a good opportunity for Yahoo to make further distribution and accelerate our add mobile, video, native advertising and social.”
These are the different-2 point of views of all three CEO’s on on 25th July in Sunnvale,CA.Though the acquisition of Verizon is not on Yahoo’s cash but on Yahoo’s shares in different groups.